Here's a rundown of the key features of our service.

All of your important metrics, accurately reported and in real time

We present the following charts which are all customisable by date range and plan group. Plan groups can be used to split your plans into groups to reflect how your business operates.

  • Cash flow: The total amount paid out by GoCardless to your bank account each month.
  • Customer numbers: How many active customers you have at the end of each month.
  • Customer Acquisition: How the number of active customers changes due to churn, new customers or returning customers
  • MRR: Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the most important metric of any subscription business.
  • MRR Acquisition: Visualise how the value of your active subscriptions is changing due to churn or new customers.


Drill down into your data to quickly identify, list and target customers

We've added a slew of new capabilities to your GOCARDLESS tables to provide features that you've almost certainly been missing.

  • Subscriptions table: This brand new table allows to view your customer's subscriptions all in one place and filter by which ones are active. No more guessing how many active subscriptions you have.
  • Plans table: View the customers in each plan and sort by their MRR or any other field with just one click.
  • Payouts table: Group payouts by plan and plan group so you can quickly identify the totals paid out to each plan.
  • Filter by Active / Cancelled: Instantly filter Customer and Subscription tables by whether they are active or not.
  • Sort by 'Created At' and 'Cancelled At' fields: Want a list of which subscriptions were cancelled in the last week? You've got it.
  • Add / remove columns: Customise each table according to your preferences with all GOCARDLESS data fields available for you to use.


Instantly visualise where your customers are located and clustered

For any business where customers physically attend your premises such as gyms, hotels or golf clubs it's great to know where your customers are.

  • Customer Locations: Display all your customers on a global map and view their individual details.
  • Location Heat Map: Highlight how customers are grouped within map areas allowing you to target different areas for future promotions or new premises.
  • Coming Soon: Value Heat Map: View the amount of recurring revenue within different areas of the map so you can identify your most valuable customer regions.