Track and analyse all of your key subscription metrics

Monthly Recurring Revenue

The critical metric for all subscription businesses. Identify the reason for changes each month due to new and churned subscriptions.

Customer Acquisition

Visualise trends in your customer acquisition, retention and churn on a month by month basis.

Location Mapping

View location and heat maps to see where your customers are located and clustered so you can accurately target promotions and advertising.

Subscription Cancellations

Instantly report on the latest cancellations so you can take steps to recover subscriptions before, not after you lose a customer.

No more downloading data to a spreadsheet for analysis

GoDashboard automates all of your important customer reporting and subscription revenue calculations. No more data to export or functions to remember. Save hours and unlock insights into your business.


Unlike other services we have built our service from the ground up to enhance the capabilities of GOCARDLESS.

Instant Setup

Just connect your GOCARDLESS account and we will do the rest. Your business metrics will be automatically kept up to date on our systems.

Secure by Design

We only require Read access to your GOCARDLESS account and all data is encrypted in storage and in transmission to or from our systems.

Customer Development

Need another feature or chart to support your business? We'll consider adding any feature that adds value to our customer base, just get in touch.

What Our Customers Say

"Great system, love the fact we can see gym membership sign up and cancellation trends. We have been using Gocardless for 12 months but we could not get the data out we required, this has changed with GoDashboard. Also having a breakdown of different membership plans, in terms of income and numbers, is very useful."

"Such a useful tool, we can easily which members have paid and our current monthly revenue - great for budgeting. Our accounts team like the payment breakdown, so they can see where to allocate payments for each membership type. The maps mean we now know where our customers come from and where to market to new ones!"

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