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Breaking down Payouts into Plan and Plan Group

What if your business operates out of multiple premises or your customers can subscribe to different plans such as a Gym plan or a Golf club plan? In this scenario, how do you know which parts of a GoCardless payout come from each premise or each plan? This is now made easy with our new feature which allows you to group individual payments in a Payout by Plan or Plan Group.

Without grouping your payout items, the Payouts page is similar to the Payouts page in GoCardless, although the page does also display the total amount paid, the total fees and the net amount after fees as shown below:

Grouping your payout items by plan calculates the total amount paid, the total fees and the net amount after fees for each plan and displays one row per plan instead. This is great if you want to attribute payout items to each plan if for example your accounts team need to allocate payout amounts to a particular service that you offer or premise for the purpose of accurately tracking Profit and Loss for each service or premise. Here is the same Payout grouped by Plan:

Finally you can also group payout items by Plan Group. Plan Groups are a useful feature that we offer that allows you to group Plans together for the reporting and analytics purposes. For example, if you have a business with two swimming pool and three spa facilities, you might want to create one Plan Group for Swimming Pools and one for Spas. You might also have 3 physical locations where these facilities are located so you could create a Plan Group for each physical location so you can track the P&L and performance of each location independently.

In the below example we've created plan groups for the Golf Clubs, the Gyms and the two physical locations, Cholmely, and West Hampstead:

We hope that this new feature will be a major help particularly for your accounts team as we've heard stories from some of our customers who've had to resort to manually calculating payout item summaries for each payout on a daily basis leading to material calculation errors affecting their businesses which these new tools will help you avoid.